Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Pockets

A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes - (ISBN: 978-0060295264)

by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon

Enjoy following the four families in this rhyming book as they romp through the pages discovering all sorts of “pockets.” What is your favorite creative use of the word “pockets”? Look around your house and see what other “pockets” you find.

Benny’s Pennies - (ISBN: 978-0153134128)

by Pat Brisson

What should Benny do with his pocket money, five new pennies? Everyone has an idea of what he could buy for others in the family, including their pets. After reading this a few times, your children will be able to read the repeating pattern along with you. Talk with your children about what they would like to buy with just a little spare change. As you do errand together, try to make up your own versions of the repetitious rhyme.

Boing! - (ISBN: 978-1596430020)

by Nick Bruel

A baby kangaroo is having trouble learning to jump like the other kangaroos. When the joey repeatedly fails to get that <i>boing </i>sound, a koala asks what he has in his pocket! You will be in stitches when you see all the things he pulls out!!! Read the book again and notice the bulge in his pouch!

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse - (ISBN: 978-0688128975)

by Kevin Henkes

Lilly and her purse find trouble in school when she cannot keep it quiet. When the teacher takes the purse away from her for disturbing his lesson, she feels remorse for her mean thoughts. She regrets writing a nasty note when she finds a loving note written to her. Have your pockets or purse held possessions that caused trouble for you in nursery school or at a library group?

Mr. Seahorse - (ISBN: 978-0399242694)

by Eric Carle

Readers will enjoy the imaginative illustrations and turning the acetate pages to reveal the secrets of the deep ocean. One more secret is that the male seahorses help out the mothers by carrying the babies in their pouches. What other animals shown in this book have papas using pockets?

Piggy in My Pocket: El cochinito en mi bolsillo - (ISBN: 978-1932065114)

by Hui-Mei Pan

This entertaining, bilingual book harbors many surprises as readers search for the goody in every pocket of the book. Where does the main character finally find the lost piggy?

Ohmygosh My Pocket - (ISBN: 978-1563970443)

by Janet Perry Marshall

Peek in My Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0152058074)

by Sarah Weeks

Pouch! - (ISBN: 9780399250514)

by David Ezra Stein

There’s a Hole in my Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0590275989)

by Akimi Gibson

There’s a Wocket in my Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0394829203)

What Did You Put in Your Pocket? - (ISBN: 978-0060290283)

by Beatrice De Regniers

Who are You, Baby Kangaroo? - (ISBN: 978-1841482170)

by Stella Blackstone

Activities for this Theme

Make a cut and paste paper kangaroo

Make a koala bear mask

Make a jumping kangaroo

Use safety pins to attach a pocket onto a throw pillow on your sofa. Then use it to hide secret notes to a family member each day during this pocket month. Even young children can draw a picture and fold it into the pocket for others to find.

Have your young child help clear out pockets as you do laundry, letting him/her keep any coins or other good surprises!