Early Elementary Books

Theme: Pockets

Grandmother Bryant’s Pockets - (ISBN: 978-0618033096)

by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Grandmother’s portable pocket proves to be a lifesaver for her granddaughter Sarah who is having nightmares. When Sarah goes to stay with the grandmother and gets to wear a pocket filled with healing herbs, Sarah’s state of mind improves, and her bad dreams decrease. What would you put in a pocket under your pillow to help you have a peaceful sleep?

Katy No Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0395137178)

by Emmy Payne

Poor Katy, a mother kangaroo, feels terrible because she doesn’t have a pocket in which to carry her baby son, Freddy. Worried about what will happen to him while she is making her enormous kangaroo jumps, she finds a solution. Think about all the different ways animals transport their young. Watch together for different types of “pockets” people have for their babies.

Six Empty Pockets - (ISBN: 978-0516262536)

by Matt Curtis

Charles fills his six pockets with all sorts of treasures as he goes through his day. This beginning level reader is fun for new readers and younger children whose parents read it to them. How many pockets do your clothes have right now? Look inside your pockets to see what your favorite pocket secret is at the moment!

The Jolly Postman - (ISBN: 978-0316017763)

by Allan Ahlberg

Young readers will enjoy taking each letter out of its envelope pocket in this book to see what the postman has delivered as he goes about an imaginary, magical town. Although young ones may need help reading the tiny letters, they will recognize the favorite fairy tale people and animals receiving the mail!

The Pocket Dogs - (ISBN: 978-0439239738)

by Margery Wild

Mr. Pockets has a pocket home in his overcoat for each of his perky dogs, Biff and Buff. Biff takes advantage of a hole in his pocket to get out but soon finds he is afraid of being on his own. Friends help locate Biff and try to assist him. Although Biff and Buff had tried to warn their owner of the tear in the pocket, they could not communicate with him. How does Biff finally get back to Mr. Pockets? What other stories could happen because of a hole in a pocket?

A Pocketful of Cricket - (ISBN: 978-0805075243)

by Rebecca Caudill

A Pocketful of Cricket - (ISBN: 978-0805075243)

by Rebecca Caudill

Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0375800405)

by Barbara Park

Plenty of Pockets - (ISBN: 978-0152021733)

by Ann Braybrooks

The Jolly Christmas Postman - (ISBN: 978-0316127158)

by Allan Ahlberg

The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo - (ISBN: 978-0440406686)

by Judy Blume

What’s in My Pocket - (ISBN: 978-0916119454)

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Activities for this Theme

Read an online story about pocket money

Use safety pins to attach a pocket onto a throw pillow on your sofa. Then use it to hide secret notes to a family member each day during this pocket month. Even young children can draw a picture and fold it into the pocket for others to find.

Put your handprints on a simple purchased canvas apron for a lovely father’s day gift.

Make a gardening tool belt with plenty of pockets out of simple materials

Listen and sing along to “The Brownie Smile Song”

Make your own advent calendar, and fill its pocket pouches with goodies. Or adapt the calendar to another season or upcoming event, such as the birth of a little brother or sister.